Logo Design by Justin Russo

Logo Design by Justin Russo


The year is 1520 and Rome is on the rise as Pope Leo X pours ever more gold into the Eternal City’s coffers. Bartering sin for money, he offers indulgences to wealthy nobles across all of Christendom to fund his excesses and continue the rebuild of Rome’s reputation as the jewel of the western world. 

While many proclaim Rome’s ascendancy in the Inns and Taverns, still more whisper worriedly about the growing list of executions in the shadows of the overgrown ruins of the Roman empire. Our players, a troupe of travelling Commedia Dell'arte actors, enter the city as Rome teeters on the brink.

GM: Shawn Andrich

Players: Sean Sands, Julian Murdoch, Allen Cook

Special Guest Players: Jeff Cannata, Karla Andrich and Graham Rowat

Music by: Sean Sands & Julian Murdoch

Game Rules: The ‘Unmarked’ Tarot Card System