A Long and Lonely Fall

A radio play by Kevin Kulp

Using the Bioshock Infinite world created by Ken Levine and Irrational Games

Starring Graham Rowat as Ezekiel Hunt
and Karla Andrich as Violet Malloy

Featuring Kevin Kulp as Vanderwald,
Rob Daviau as Jack Fowler,
Rob Borges as Robert Adell,
Lara Crigger as Lucy Adell, and
Kristin Sands as Cassie

Sound production by Julian Murdoch, Graham Rowat, Rob Borges and Ian Dorsch
Music by Ian Dorsch of Willow Tree Audio

Recorded at the Rabbitcon Recording Studios, May 2014

This radio play was created for the Gamers With Jobs community as a 2013 fundraiser thank you goal. Thank you everyone!

All Music Created By - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks